Our Standards

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At EI Dorado Cleaners, we take many steps to ensure customer satisfaction. We go beyond just cleaning your garments, paying attention to every detail throughout the process. The El Dorado Standards Checklist was developed with the customer in mind and is carefully attended to by our staff, in order that we maintain a consistent level of quality and service for all of our customers, each and every time.Image

When You Drop Off Your Order ...
  • No safety pins or staples used for garment mark-ins
  • Foreign matter removed from pockets and cuffs
  • Sweaters and knits measured prior to cleaning
  • Loads are separated by color and weight
  • Each garment carefully examined and prespotted
  • Decorative buttons protected or removed and replaced
  • Detachable shoulder pads removed or attached pads carefully secured
  • Delicate garments and ties cleaned separately from all other garments
  • Trims expertly handled - sequins, beads, plastic, vinyl, paint, glitter, suede, leather
  • Appropriate cleaning process selected for each garment - drycleaning, wetcleaning or multi-process
During The Cleaning Process ...
  • No chemically aggressive drycleaning - no perchlorethylene, no petroleum-based solvents
  • Proprietary, odorless, chemically inert, crystal clear, purified and filtered drycleaning fluid
  • Fabric gentle, fabric life-extending drycleaning process using top-of-the-line detergents
  • Absolutely no drycleaning solvent odor, fragrances or perfumesImage
  • Brightest whites, creams, pastels and colors available
  • Soft, revitalized fabric textures without static or lint
  • No dye bleeding of unstable dyes
The Finishing Touches  ...
  • Each garment is carefully and thoroughly inspected
  • Meticulous hand finishing of each garment (including linings)
  • Padded hangers used for delicate and fashion garments
  • We do not use glued-on, "uniform rental" bar code labels
  • Missing snaps, buttons, hooks and eyes replaced
  • Repairs completed - hems and seams checked, zippers lubricated
  • Sweaters and knits depilled and blocked to measurement after cleaning
  • Perfectly rounded, non-rippled, factory formed collars and lapels on sport coats and suit jackets
  • No fabric shine or seam impressions (to the extent permitted by pre-existing conditions)